MAHA your MUDRA for a stronger spine

Maha Mudra can be one of the most powerful poses to strengthen ALL of your back muscles AND improve your posture…  if you do it correctly.

Here’s how…

Seated with your legs straight out in front of you, align your rib cage directly over your hips. Maybe if you’ve got some junk in the trunk remove some of that junk so you can firmly root down through your sit bones. If your hamstrings are tight or sitting like this is uncomfortable, feel free to sit on a folded blanket to raise your hips a wee bit. Once you’re comfy, bend the right knee bringing your right foot into the left inner thigh.


Grab a strap (a scarf works great too!) + wrap the strap around the sole of the left foot just above the heel. Place your hands on the strap far enough away from the foot so that you are able to sit up straight with your rib cage stacked over the hips.

Begin to add tension to the strap by slightly pulling on the strap with your hands. Feel your back muscles start to engage here! Bring your attention to your shoulder blades; pull them together and down your spine. Hold them here. Continue to add tension to the strap.

Remember to breath!

DSC_0195 enh

Set your gaze just beyond your left toes. Shift your gaze as needed to allow for the neck to be in a neutral position – don’t be looking at the floor or counting the clouds in the sky.

Continue to pull on the strap, engaging the back muscles here, shoulders back and down, lifting through the heart center! Hold this  3-5 mins each side + SWITCH.

Simply holding this erect posture engages your spinal erector muscles – the two train track like muscles that run all the way down both sides of the spine. Drawing the shoulder blades back and down engage the rhomboid muscles, which tend to be inactive and weak in most people due to postural compensations.


“Maha” in Sanskrit means great and “Mudra” means gesture, and good God it can do just that!

Practice this daily, or at least add this into your weekly routine and you’ll notice a difference in your back muscles, I promise!