Blocks aren’t for Babies.

Blocks + how to use them in your practice!

Blocks, props … anything of assistance we tend to resist, its human nature. Sometimes we have a hard time accepting the things that help us because well, they show us areas in our lives that we may need a little help + that’s ok!

When I first started attending yoga classes regularly, I never grabbed blocks.

Blocks are for Babies.

I can do this, and if I can’t, I’ll try hard… (Inner voice now says, “suhka, my love” … “be easy, my love.” The Yoga Sutras talk about Suhka, finding ease within a pose, creating a good space.) I eventually grew from “blocks are for babies” to “blocks are intriguing”. I began grabbing them at the beginning of class because they were cool, they were fun… but I never really used them. If I did use my blocks, my ego played a part one way or another. 10,000 blocks later, 300 straps and an infinite amount of prop play in Costa Rica for a solid 28 days I have found a new appreciation for them. Blocks and I now have a deep understanding, its getting serious.

You see, blocks allow you to create space where space is needed. If a block will serve you in one way, it is in creating space + isn’t that what yoga’s all about? So really, blocks are for the ultimate yogi’s!


Check out my favorite ways to create space with BLOCKS:


  • High Lunge…


Pictured here you’ll see a sad yogi, two very bored blocks, a collapsed chest and a squished front thigh…

Add two little block-a-roos and BAM!


The blocks provide space for the chest to open up allowing the shoulders back and down the spine… ultimately creating even more space in the chest. The front thigh has space making this one happy yogi.


  • Supported Fish…supportedfish

Creating space in the chest + front body all while inducing a juicy extension into the upper thoracic spine. Inhale creating space in the chest by breathing into each rib space, expanding the breath both laterally and into the heart center. Check out my blog alll about supported fish pose here!


  • Supported Bridge…

bridge2.jpegInviting blocks into your practice allows you space for a pose to become attainable, to turn a pose into restorative, allowing you to reap the full benefits of the pose. Some yogi’s have a difficult time holding bridge pose (usually due to a tight psoas or weak glutes) HOWEVER, add a block or two under the sacrum and you’re holding bridge pose all day long! Holding bridge pose in a restorative way with blocks is a great release for tight hip flexors but it also provides you with all the juicy benefits of holding an inversion because believe it or not, not all inversions are handstands on the beach.