Yoga for Upper Crossed Syndrome


As a chiropractic student + spine lover, supported fish is one of my most valued yoga poses + here’s why!

Probably the most common musculoskeletal syndrome seen in the American population is Upper Crossed Syndrome…


If you have ever been a student, or worked at a desk (uh, basically everyone?)

then you’ve probably experienced some sort of Upper Crossed Syndrome…




In short, Upper Crossed Syndrome is the result of long term bad posture.

There are plenty of asana’s and rehab exercises to help reverse and relieve this,


  here’s my go-to…


Supported Fish Pose!

+ here’s WHY it’s my go-to…

  • From a Chiropractic outlook, upper crossed syndrome involves flexion in the upper thoracic spine. With a patient like this, we’re most likely going to adjust them into extension. No time to visit the Chiropractor? Grab a block. Here we use the block to induce that extension into the spine, basically the opposite position it was resting in all day (yum!). Extending the spine like this allows the upper trapezius muscles and levator scapula to relax and release – both muscles which tend to cause a lot of neck + shoulder pain with accompanying headaches (yuck). It opens the chest which tends to be collapsed in upper crossed syndrome, stretching the classically tight pectoralis muscles.

+ here’s HOW…

After a long day at your desk, set a block between your shoulder blades (a bolster or blanket work well too for a less intense extension of the spine). Lay your back over the prop, allowing the knees to bend to 90 if there is tension in the low back. Allow the crown of your head to rest on the floor, positioning the hands either down by your side, out to the sides like a T, or option to inhale them overhead to further open up the pectoralis muscles in the chest.  Lay back and feel the tension of your day roll off your shoulders. This pose is easy to attain, it’s easy to adjust to your comfort, and you don’t even have to move! Lay back, take a deep breath and reap the benefits of this juicy asana.

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