5 Books to INSPIRE your SPIRIT

I remember when I first started this journey. I wanted to know all the ways of connecting with something deeper. I was desperately searching for answers and questioning just about everything. I wanted something tangible, a book that gave me all the answers –  undeviating steps to consciousness. Unfortunately, this book does not exist. Fortunately, you already have everything you need. Everything is already within you, but these are the books that helped me realize that. These books helped me awaken my inner innate being, my higher self, a more aware and conscious state of living. They sparked a fire within me that I was so desperately searching for. Since this time in my life, I’ve had countless friends, just as I was, desperately searing for answers. Asking for insight, steps to take, or books to read to jump-start their journey to higher consciousness. Taping into this state opens up doors to begin living to your fullest potential. So, ladies and gentlemen, here it is…

The Power of Now

I read this book about 4 years ago, poolside in Alabama. It took me the entire summer to read because I was so meticulous. I re-read sentences 2, 3 times making sure it sunk into CC78599D-A143-45B2-832B-E954AB4665B6my sometimes thick skull. Each section ends with a little mark noting to the reader that this is a good place to stop, internalize what your just read, and spend a moment putting it into practice. This is a book I suggest you take your time with, you know, the turtle wins the race? This book will change your life, if you let it. Eckhart Tolle does an incredible job of awakening this inner consciousnesses that’s been there all along, it just needed the right motivation to awaken it. This book changes the way you go through your daily life, you learn to stop and take in the present moment. Stepping outside of the mind, the ego, and into the now, the oasis. Living in the space between the inhalation and the exhalation. Recognizing the stillness that is in the present moment. Recognizing there is no past and there is no future, and everything in the now is just as it should be.

A New Earth; Awakening to your Life’s Purpose

A New Earth is written by the same author as The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle, one of my favorite authors. This book is all about finding your balance and connecting to your purpose in life, hence the title. I can’t tell you what this books is about, and I can’t tell you what you will learn from it. As with The Power of Now, the strength of this book lies within the experience of reading it more so than the objective information within it. This book has a focus on discovering who you truly are, and your purpose in this life.


The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

This book was found sitting in my aunt’s living room library. When I saw this book collecting dust on the shelf, I leaped at it. I mean, Deepak Chopra is the man, published this book in 1994 and people still rave about it. This book goes through the spiritual laws, that when lived by, can create everything we want. The seven laws include; the law of pure potentiality, the law of giving, the law of karma, the law of least effort, the law of intention and desire, the law of detachment (my favorite), and the law of dharma.


The Wisdom of Sunday’s

I’ve never been the biggest Oprah fan but I mean, who doesn’t like Oprah? I guess better put, if you were to ask me “Ellen or Oprah?”, I’d say Ellen, every time. After reading The Wisdom of Sunday’s, I’d still say Ellen, but the words wouldn’t jump out of my mouth so fast. This book collaborates the words and wisdom of Oprah but the many successful and spiritual guest’s she’s had on her show. This book for me, was like a highlights video of the football game. All details and nitty-gritty aside, this book highlights the take-aways. It’s not the entire firework production, just the sparks that light up the sky. Plus, the book is filled with beautiful and inspiring quotes ♥


The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga

Again, Deepak Chopra, my man. This was the latest book I read, and a part of me wishes I read it years ago. Even if a physical yoga practice is not part of your spiritual journey, I still suggest this book. It does a great job of sharing and showing the ways to use yoga (asana, pranayama, meditation) to connect to your higher consciousness and find a mind-body balance. This book even taps into the chakras with practices for you to balance the chakra centers. At the very end of this book it has a yoga practice, meditation and pranayama practice laid out in perfect detail for you to start immediately. The practice is designed by Deepak Chopra’s foundation to awaken your highest self and create a mind-body balance. Really, this book has it all. It’s a perfect beginner’s guide to a yogi lifestyle… you’re welcome.

Getting in touch with your spirit is the true goal of yoga. It occurs naturally when your mind quiets and you are able to access the inner wisdom that emerges from the deepest aspect of your being.

-Deepak Chopra


If you have any books you’ve read that have changed your life, comment and share the wealth! I’d love to discover new inspiring reads!