Top 10 Ways – Essential Oils

Check out the top 10 ways I incorporate essential oils into my everyday life!

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  1. HEADACHES → The ultimate headache remedy; peppermint and a chiropractic adjustment. Apply a few drops of peppermint to your temples + subocciptal muscles (base of the skull) when you feel a headache coming on. It’s also known to evoke focus and cognitive thinking, which is in high demand when your brain is fogged with a headache. (Also, super effective for nauseous dogs in the car… I know from experience).
  2. SLEEP  Apply lavender on the soles of your feet for improved RESTFUL sleep (there is a huge difference between just sleeping and getting some good restful sleep). I also keep a spray bottle beside my bed to mist my sheets before I hop in. (Also super awesome post surgery for my dog, dilute some coconut oil and rub it on their paws to give them the calmness they need to relax and recover… can also be used when your dog just decides to be bat sh!t wild).
  3. YOGA MAT CLEANER I have used an array of essential oils with cleaning properties for everything from yoga mat cleaner to kitchen counters. Recently, I’ve been keeping it simple ⇒ spray bottle with water + Eden’s garden cleaning blend. This cleaning blend is the bomb.
  4. FACIAL OIL  Ok, this seems to freak people out but I swear my skin craaaves it. I have a little pump bottle for my bathroom that I apply at night or following an exfoliation ⇒ here are the magic ingredients; hemp seed oil as a base with lavender, grapefruit + frankincense. Hemp seed oil is an anti-inflammatory when applied topically and has a high essential fatty acid ratio that helps lock moisture into the skin. It is high in vitamin E, a fat soluble vitamin that helps detox the skin. It’s also top charted for it’s Vitamin A supply that helps the rate in which your body turns over dead skin cells and produces new, healthy skin cells. I add in about 5-10 drops of essential oil per tablespoon of carrier oil. You can honestly add in whatever oils you want depending on your skin type and what you’re going for. Lavender is always added in because it’s the goddess of all healing. Grapefruit doesn’t just smell like a fresh summer day, it keeps the skin looking just as fresh and glowing. Frankincense is great as it helps protect the skin cells from damage, aka slows signs of aging and wrinkles, and you’re never too young for protective skin care.
  5. DAILY DIFFUSER → My top 3 oils I like to diffuse ⇒ 1. Frankincense – I like to diffuse this on a slow and cozy Sunday when I’m taking deep breaths and meditating – so zen. 2. Stress Relief blend is diffused usually Monday – Friday because well, life. 3. Grapefruit, because who isn’t emotionally influenced by this uplifting and citrus scent?
  6. DETOX  Add a few drops of lemon essential oil for all the antioxidant benefits without the mess of a lemon!
  7. BURNS  Hair straightener, curler, stove top, you name it, I’ve burnt myself on it. Apply  lavender to the area and the burning will essentially stop without leaving any evidence of said accident with the curling wand…
  8. PIMPLES  Tea tree oil is drying for the skin, which can be great for soaking up some of that acne. Leave this oil in your bathroom for when those sneaky pimples pop up. It has a potent anti-inflammatory component which will help calm acne and the red areas surrounding.
  9. DISINFECTANT AIR SPRAY  This is one that in the summer, has been put on the back burner, but talk to me in the winter months and it’s rare I don’t have this concoction in hand, ready to spray. Picture this ⇒ all winter long we close the doors, lock the windows and seal down just about every opening the the outside world – to the fresh air. We do a grand job of keeping out the cold while simultaneously hoarding the germs. No air flow, no escape, all. winter. long. Sooo, fill up a spray bottle with a few drops of  thieves essential oil (or any oil you’d like, really). Thieves is a highly disinfectant blend of clove, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus, radiata and rosemary. It smells like a crispy fall day and helps me survive the inevitable germy winters.
  10. ROOM SPRAY – more specifically, my chiropractic treatment room, as part of the treatment. Aromatherapy can be so useful in chronic pain patients and have such an impact on healing, whether we want to acknowledge it or not. For patient coming in on a stressful Monday morning I spray my room with a mix of Stress Relief blend and frankincense for a calming, but motivating aromatherapy to assist them in the Monday struggle. For patients that I know are a little bit depressed and feeling down on themselves due to their pain or condition, I like to spray an uplifting citrus scent. For the average patient that I don’t have a good read on, my go-to is lavender because again, lavender is the goddess of all healing.

Tips ⇒ When you’re creating these at home essential oil concoctions, I highly suggest investing in reusable amber glass bottles. The amber glass protects the oil compounds from being disturbed from light and heat. If you want to know more about the benefits of essential oils, check out my blog all about the facts behind these oh so popular oils.