“Whoooooo’s that girl, la la la la”

Welcome to the SPINE yogi

Now, who in the world is that girl?!


Hola! I am a 200hr certified yoga teacher and a soon-to-be Doctor of Chiropractic. My life for the past 3 years has consisted of dissecting the human body in anatomy labs, studying the bio-mechanics of the body + practicing yoga to keep my sanity throughout a rigorous schedule! I am creeping up to graduation looking back at the whirlwind of information and trying to take as much of it with me moving forward. Throughout this whirlwind I met some amazing Docs and have learned some incredible things and it’s time to have an outlet, a platform to share. So, introducing, the SPINE yogi. I want this blog to be a source of reliable + factual information just as much as  lifestyle + health! I would love for you to join in & follow my journey as I share

all things wellness!





the SPINE yogi